CAD & Records Development

Clients ServedThis department is staffed with experienced records development and CAD specialists with specialized experience and training in the communications industry. The department includes computer science specialists, database specialist and CAD operators with an understanding of the communications industry. These specialists can help you develop and implement a record system that will enable you to streamline your operations and eliminate the unnecessary confusion that is often caused by inaccurate records.

GEMS Mapping Software

The GEMS, GEographical Mapping System, is a graphically based application environment which will enable you to easily record, map and track critical information on all types of physical assets and facilities. While this product is extremely powerful, it is also very flexible and enables the users to modify the system to accommodate their specific requirements. This eliminates the need to modify existing procedures to simply accommodate a new computer program.

As the system is based upon readily available software, such as Microstation and almost any commonly used relational database, the initial cost is much lower than competitive systems. This approach also greatly simplifies and reduces the cost of system maintenance and operation. More specifically, GEMS combines the flexibility of Microstation with the power of a relational database to maintain and locate facility or asset records. For example, GEMS reveals the advantages of "databased" mapping with its "Find-By"s function. Facilities can be linked to database records that store all necessary information. Any "databased" facility can be automatically located and presented to the user. Typical implementations have included Telephone, CATV, Gas, Water, Sewer, and Power. All these have a common digital landbase for location reference as well as links to a database. The database can store and report on any information associated with the facilities being maintained.

GEMS is an open platform solution which means the data, both graphical design files and database records, are readily reusable for other applications or systems. Database records can be reported on through ad-hoc queries or predefined reports. Graphic design files can be shared, even on the Internet, through Microstation.

As-Built Records/Drawings

Our schematic drafting services can use your existing staking sheets or other design documents to create digital schematics. Our staff has over 40 years of experience in Field Verification and Records Preparation. Through our experience we can recommend standards and solutions that are both practical and efficient.

Digital or manual drawings can also be prepared with detailed information for construction documents and other special purpose maps.

Data Conversion

Our consulting staff can assist in need requirements and standards specification. Using a variety of your company's document records, our trained drafters can consolidate and create complete and intelligent facility models for your company.

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